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Furthur Live at Koka Booth Amphitheater on 2012-07-11

by Furthur

Koka Booth Amphitheater, Cary NC
July 11, 2012

Source: Countryman B3 (OTS left of SBD, @3ft. spread, @7ft. high) > CA-Ugly > M10
Lineage: microSD > Audacity (normalize, tracks, fades) > xACT

Set 1.

01. intro
02. After Midnight
03. Doin’ That Rag
04. West LA Fadeaway
05. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
06. Loose Lucy
07. Mississippi Half Step > Ramble On Rose

Set 2.

08. Playing In The Band
09. Midnight Hour
10. Here Comes Sunshine > Mountains Of The Moon >
11. Uncle John’s Band > No More Do I
12. Foolish Heart >
13. Days Between
14. encore break/donor rap
15. Box Of Rain

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Collection Furthur
Band/Artist Furthur
Venue Koka Booth Amphitheater
Location Cary NC

Source Countryman B3 (OTS left of SBD, @3ft. spread, @7ft. high) > CA-Ugly > M10
Lineage microSD > Audacity (normalize, tracks, fades) > xACT
Taped by bryonsos
Transferred by bryonsos


Reviewer: augustsdad - - August 17, 2012
Subject: Let John Sing!!!
show is great- just finished listening to it. but i gotta say, these boys need to use the tools that they have in the bag. JK is a wonderful addition to this mix and i just wish they would give him a bit more playing time. this is usually my only gripe about this group. Bobby Rocks! i really mean that- but why wouldnt they let JK sing West LA Fadeaway? Bobby starts to sould a bit like Shatner doing spoken word versions of the songs..... I love these guys and it is indeed the best post Jerry stuff to date.... but LET JOHN SING!!!
Reviewer: Mr. Ward - - July 18, 2012
Subject: Great show - PLEASE PLEASE Alpharetta
did any one tape any gigs between july 8 and 11?
Reviewer: ThaHighFocker - - July 16, 2012
Kinda felt like this 1 was mailed in. But the venue is amazing!!! For me,after seeing them at Cmac,The Mann,& Merriweather. It was all just icing on the cake at Koka Booth...
Reviewer: jbyerly2 - - July 13, 2012
Subject: Great show!
They get better every time I see them. This show was about exploring new avenues and seeing what happens. Just perfect Musicianship.

Agreed with the too much talking at this show. You can here it on the tapes. I was lucky with the real estate I was holing there was no one next to me on either side. Just me & my wife with chairs
Reviewer: DaneBramage - - July 12, 2012
Subject: Doin' That Rag
It looked like rain. It did rain. All damn day. But by show time (6:30 prompt) it was beautiful and clear. Koka Booth Ampitheater sits next to a small lake with pine trees all around, just a few miles from my house. It was like Furthur came to my back yard! I had seen the Grateful Dead several times and a few of the Furthur festivals in '96 and '97, but I had not seen this Furthur incarnation yet. I was not disappointed! I had hoped to catch 1 or 2 songs that the Dead didn't play when I saw them, and BAM! a blistering Doin' That Rag as the second song. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl was done at a faster pace than I'm used times I thought they were switching into Obviously 5 Believers by Dylan! Great version. Loose Lucy, 1/2 Step, Ramble on Rose were all excellent. The 2nd set Playing in the Band was a 20 minute epic jam...reminisent of that driving down a mountain with no brakes feeling that Jerry was able to navigate so well. In the Midnight Hour sounded like a '66 version...Here Comes Sunshine was bright as hell while the dark settled in. Then, Mountains of the Moon. Words cannot describe how breathtaking this was, Glad I was there to hear it. Then, one of the BEST Uncle John's Band I've ever heard...vocals were outstanding! No More Do I perfectly melted into Foolish Heart, both tremendous versions. Days Between kept the epic-ness of the night intact, with Bob really nailing the vocals. The Box of Rain encore was so moving, it literally brought tears to my eyes. Just amazing! On a somewhat down note, I was glad that I went to the show alone, so that I could TRY to find a place to actually LISTEN to the show. I don't know if people text so much these days that they are amazed at the sound of their own voice or what, but I had the hardest time trying to find somewhere to enjoy the show without being in the middle of some inane conversation! Call me CRAZY, but I paid to hear MUSIC, not people "catching up" with each other....Other than that, this is a great Audience recording of a stellar show!
Reviewer: Dan Schram - - July 12, 2012
Subject: Thanks!
Thanks for taping, couldn't make the show so glad to hear it now!
Reviewer: bmcd67 - - July 12, 2012
Subject: Good show despite song selection
Got there late, long line for tix so missed first 4 songs. So thank you tapers so I could hear After Midnight which is awesome opener. First set was hot and closed well with Rose. 2nd set opened strong with Playing, UJB but Days Between, Mountains are not favorites of mine. Foolish Heart sounded great but this song is kinda lame, does not go anywhere. Box of Rain is great song but my buddy would have loved to have heard US Blues! (That's for you Dahnke!)

Band sounded fantastic, crowd was great, venue is always awesome. So glad to see the Boys 3 miles from my house and hang with great friends. And the rain cleared for a beuatiful night.
Reviewer: Peaches8895 - - July 12, 2012
Subject: goodbye to the southern sun
Thanks to the tapers!

started off looking for 7-10-2012 Because I was there, on the lawn in the tree's through the entire show.

Wanted to drive to Cary and from the sounds of the 1st set it would have been worth my time :)

Doin' that rag starts really good. Loose Lucy was fun and really liked the exchange in vocals with bob/crowd on Misshalfstep especially where he extends the verses and and at one point says thank you

happy to listen to set 2 :)

First time seeing Furthur was with Bill Graham's Aud that NYE and I have felt their energy ever since!
Reviewer: Phlesh Wound - - July 12, 2012
Subject: Excellent aud
I'm mainly reviewing this to point out the fact that this is a really superior audience recording of a Furthur show. Big thumbs up for the tapers.
As for the show:
The band overcomes a somewhat underwhelming setlist to turn in an above average performance. Probably not the best night for a casual Deadhead to catch Furthur with all the lesser known songs and open jamming.
First set:
Highlights were After Midnight and Doin' that rag. A long bathroom break in the middle (West LA through Loose Lucy) and then a solid if not smoking setclosing pair of MS Half Step and Ramble on Rose

Second Set:
Much better set. Opens with a looong Playin that covers some really really interesting territory. One of the better Furthur versions. A really jammed out HCS>Mountains of the Moon lost a fair bit of the crowd but will reward close listening followed by a really pretty transition into an excellent UJB. No More Do I is one of my favorite post Jerry compositions and they play it well here into a very fine Foolish Heart. They wrap it up with a surprisingly cathartic Days Between that Bob actually sings very nicely.
Solid show.
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Source: Countryman B3 (OTS left of SBD, @3ft. spread, @7ft. high) > CA-Ugly > M10
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